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Sandfox Studio is a game company based in Morroco . The company is run by its co-founders : Malek Bengougam, a former Ubisoft Developer who collaborated on different games project Rayman M, Disney's Dinosaur, XIII, Unreal Tournament III, Risen, Endless Legend etc. He's also a teacher at the Master's Degree in 3D Engineering and Video Games at the ESGI in Paris. Mounir Belaid developped and managed an IT Solutions company for several years, passionate by video games since his youngest age (everything began with Atari 2600 ^^ ) he decided to take advantage on its former management experience and create a new company. El Mehdi Yousfi is an Agile Coach IT expert who used to manage Telecom Project for the Japanese corporation NEC and Other Famous Company, EL Mehdi is also an old and passionate gamer like you probably already guessed 😉

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